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Marketing Tools

Messaging service, voice broadcasting, and digital marketing have many benefits for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should use them:

They are cost-effective. Compared to traditional marketing methods, such as print, radio, or TV ads, messaging service, voice broadcasting, and digital marketing are much cheaper and have a higher ROI (return on investment).



A Dynamic Image Creation Tool for Personalized Marketing

Imagebranch is a software product that can dynamically create images based on the uploaded background image and the candidate profile information. It can merge the candidate profile picture, name, designation, and contact number with the background image in a seamless and natural way. It can also adjust the size, position, color, and style of the text and the picture according to the background image.

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Ramp Techno Solutions is one of the India's leading bulk sms provider company. We serve through innovative solutions for sending group sms all over India via different gateway networks. Our personalized bulk sms to your entire group at a single click. With the help of our premium sms services, you can send critical messages such as commodity prices, share prices tips etc. API coding is also available to send bulk sms from your own application. Our sms services work throughout India through multiple gateway networks.

Today is the world of technology, with so many gadgets and marketing ways available, it is easier to enjoy better publicity. Bulk SMS India is a wonderful way to send SMS. ROCK SMS is a major Bulk SMS providers in India. Today marketing is one of the most effectual tools that is used by Internet Marketing and offline companies to promote their products and get productive results. With our innovative approach we are able to serve our customers with Bulk SMS Gateway to promote their products and services at a very reasonable rate.

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